Our team of well-trained security professionals is always on the lookout to ensure the safety of your events, premises, and people. We provide an array of services from 24/7 security guard services to access control and remote monitoring. With our vigilant guards and the latest technology, we make sure that your safety is our priority. So Contact Us today and let us be your perfect security partner.

URVYA is established in the Year 2022 as URVYA Security Services Pvt. Ltd. and Our logo also emphasizes in all the aspect

Elephant symbolizes strength
Tiger symbolizes power
Eagle symbolizes sharp slightness

We as a security company always focus on safety and privacy of client. We train our guards to handle all kind of situation and remain calm and compose.

Modern bodyguard

The optimum ratio of price and quality responsible and
conscientious approach

Residential Security

We have our security guards in high-rise apartments, Low rise apartments and Villas as well.In this place,we... specially train our guards to greet residents and show courtesy to help in every possible aspects. We train our guards to handle situations which generally we found in residential which is an extra privilege. We don’t ask our guards to deny but judge the situation and follow protocol. We teach our guards not to engage in any arguments with any residents and even with their relatives.

Industrial Security

We have our security in factories and in industries as well. This type of place is very sensitive and guards come in touch with many people ... this might be a risk, so we follow a strategy to switch the duties of guards every after 15 days and specially assigned a field supervisor to make check of guards as well. We also make list of important parts and articles and keep a regular check on those.

Commercial Security

We have our guards in commercial places like Malls and Shops as well. We understand the requirement of such places. ... We train our guards to be in proper dress and we also train our guards to behave and communicate to customers. In malls, crowds can of many types so handling them in little tough, and we train our guards to handle such situation. Crowd management, public anger management are a part of their training.

CCTV Monitoring

We believe in fair judgement so before issuing or giving any judgement, we check CCTV and analyse the errors and react accordingly. ... We understand the blame game policy. Nobody accepts their mistake, so we have professionals who check CCTV camera and then we come to any conclusion.

Health check up

This programme is very much required because we understand every job have their challenges. In security guards, person has to stand ...for a long time and sometime, they don’t get even proper attention. This effects on their health, so every after 6 months we do health check up of every guard and we take required action, like shifting to other place of duty or give them a bed rest or so.

Creativity Programme

We know sometimes, job becomes monotonous and person keep losing their interest. and we also understand,if someone ... start loosing their interest, it effects their work quality and hamper our images as well, so keeping all these in mind, we decided to have creativity programme, like cricket match between guards or songs completion or kabaddi. This will help to make them active and it will enhance their interest in work.

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Clients Say

Varun Goyal
Indraprastha Infotech Pvt Ltd

I am quite satisfied with the services of Urvya Security. I have found discipline in every guard. Guards are well dressed with ID card. Team of Urvya is also educated and professional. Overall good

Rajiv Verma
USD Lab Software Pvt Ltd - Sec 62 Noida

Guards are well trained and looking active throughout their duty hour . Appreciate the management efforts to make guards job responsible and respectful .

Avinash Rai
Vidya Mandir Classes - Greater Noida West

In my profession , children’s from different group with different behaviour come and some times its hard to tackle them , but i saw Urvya Guards are well mannered and handling those children quite politely and smoothly .

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